Buy USD Coin with credit card

Stablecoins are a perfect opportunity for investors who wish to buy crypto but are afraid of the assets’ volatility. This category of digital money is backed by fiat currencies, precious metals, or other values. USD Coin is the second most popular stablecoin that occupies the 18th position of the general ranking of crypto assets (according to market capitalization volume). Taking into account 24 hours trading volumes, the crypto is among top-15 most traded assets. Investors who wish to buy USD Coin online can get a digital equivalent of the US dollar.

This stable coin was launched by Circle, the p2p technology company, in 2018. The team has collected US dollars in reserve to maintain launched stable coins. One USD Coin is backed by one dollar; therefore, cryptocurrencies are correlated with fiat ones.

Crypto is about to commence the true digital revolution. On the one hand, a stable coin embodies the characteristics of fiat US dollars (except for global implementation as a payment method), while on the other, the digital asset conveys features of digital assets (rapid transactions, minimum fees, etc.) – Trade4Coins offers an investor the chance to buy USD Coin to diversify their investment portfolio.

USDC is launched on the Ethereum blockchain, while the coins correspond to the ERC-20 standard. The assets’ market capitalization exceeds $29.14 billion, while the total amount of coins launched on the market is 29.14 billion USDC, which means stable coins are entirely related to fiat US dollars